Sunday, June 9, 2013

Final report for 2012-2013!

The last few weeks of school were a bit of a whirlwind.  As I worked on a final collaboration with a teacher and end-of-year stuff, I was able to put together our fourth quarter report and our annual report. Completing a quarterly report really helps me keep track of everything we do in the library.  (I shared in a earlier post about how I share what we do in the library with my school community.)

Using Smore this school year definitely was a time saver.  It's easy to use and the final product is visually appealing.  This year I was able to compare our students visits, circulation and collaboration statistics to last year's statistics.  Doing this helps me see areas where I want to continue improving.  I also used this report as a place to share my reflections on the school year and my progress on the goals I set for the library program.

I would love to hear about and/or see annual reports for other media centers.

Happy summer and thanks for reading my little blog.

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