Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Themed Book Trailers

Book talks, book trailers and book displays are rolled up into one with a theme.  I read this post by Mrs. ReaderPants that got me thinking about how I put together my book talks.  Today I came across this post on the same blog that inspired me to put together a themed book trailer.

We currently have up a book display of series similar to The Hunger Games.  We used this post found via Pinterest (of course) to help us put it together.  All I had to do next was find book cover images and write very, very brief snippets for each title.  Hopefully, after watching the themed book trailer on the morning show, students will come in to check out one or more of the titles featured instead of just one title.  I can save the full length book trailer for class visits or other activities.

I'm looking forward to creating more themed book trailers to help feature fiction and nonfiction titles in our collection.  Animoto definitely makes it easy.

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