Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Movies

I know it is back to school time when I start making videos.  Animoto has been a lifesaver!!  Animoto is super easy to use and the final product looks very snazzy and professional.  I've used Animoto for just about everything- advertisements for school basketball games, AVID parent interest night, PTO fundraiser, school open house night, library orientation, news show intro, book trailers, book fine commercial, Women's History month, father daughter dance, and the list goes on.  I first heard about Animoto four years ago while working on my internship.  After that, I signed up for an Animoto educator account and have been a fan ever since.
It's been a great tool for sharing what goes on in our school and in our school library.  Here is the first video I created about my school.

To get started in Animoto, select a video style, import pictures, videos,  music and it does all of the work putting it all together in a professional looking video.  Animoto also has a selection of media you can use.  I usually select a song from the Animoto music library because it is royalty free and they have a nice selection of music without lyrics.

Here are some tools I use to edit pictures that I later import into Animoto:
Microsoft PowerPoint

Have fun making movies!

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