Sunday, June 24, 2012

Angry Birds in the Library

At the end of the school year, we hold a celebration to recognize the top fifteen readers for the whole school year.  In May, I came across this blog post on the Teen Librarian's Toolbox sharing how to put together a Live Angry Birds event in the library.  I love blog posts with easy to follow directions and lots of pictures.  To get started, I gathered all of the supplies. I asked for help from a couple of crafty teachers.  I received 1:1 instruction on how to make the little pom pom birds.  (I was a little nervous about the pom pom part.)  

On the day of our event, we set up the blocks & boxes with the Angry Bird dodge balls on one side of the room.  On the other side of the room, we set up the following three tables:
1. green balloon table where students blew up the balloons and drew pig faces on them. 
2. the pom pom table where students created red, black and green pom pom angry birds using yarn, googly eyes and a hot glue gun. 
3. paper cup table with rubber bands & Popsicle sticks to create sling shots. Students flung their pom pom birds at paper cup structures. 

The kids had fun!  As I helped them create the pom pom birds, a student said to me, "You know we're readers, not crafters." The best part was the students did not want to leave at the end of our time.  (Yea!) The Live Angry Birds event was held the last week of school.  We had lots of different events & activities going on around the school, so I was flattered that they wanted to miss out on the other stuff in order to stay &  play in the library. 
What crafty reading celebrations do you have at your school?


  1. This looks fun. Our book club made these bookmarks one day. It was fun and easy.

    1. Those bookmarks look fun and easy. Our book club will definitely need to make those.

  2. I have done if twice now and you are right - they love drawing faces onnte green balloons. Great post and great blog, and thanks for that shout out. Karen